Caddington Parish Council

including Chaul End and Aley Green

It has been traditional in Caddington to nominate a villager and organisation of the year. This is a person or organisation which has consistently and actively involved in servicing the Caddington parish and residents and who has demonstrated many or all of the following characteristics:

At the July 2023 full council meeting, Councillors agreed the following:

2023 Villager of the Year: Tracey Kaye (The Caddington Crocheter), with Special thanks & recognition to Raymond Gill

2023 Organisation of the Year: Caddington Scouts

For future nominations to be considered, please complete the Nomination form by 28th June 2024.

The person or organisation must live/be based in Caddington and their work must have been carried out within the Parish. Previous award recipients are not eligible for nomination. Employees of Caddington Parish Council and current serving councillors and their spouses are not eligible for nomination until at least two years after resignation.

Nominations will be considered and winner decided by the Parish Council.


2023 Villager of the Year

  2023 Organisation of the Year       

    2023  Special thanks & recognition      

Tracey Kaye (The Caddington Crocheter)

Caddington Scouts

Raymond Gill