Caddington Parish Council

including Chaul End and Aley Green

Report It


Is it an emergency? Remember, if someone is in danger and you need immediate support please call 999 now.

Other issues, such as anti-social behaviour, non-emergency vehicle collisions or anti-social driving, can be reported to Bedfordshire Police online or by calling 101, the Police non-emergency number.


Residents can now report highways issues quickly and easily, and track their progress, through a new online system  and the FixMyStreet app. The user-friendly reporting system allows reports to be pinpointed on a map, photos to be added and shows residents’ reports that have already been created, plus any planned roadworks, which saves time and avoids multiple reporting.

The new system allows residents to report highways concerns such as potholesfaulty streetlightsblocked drains and roadside ditches, overgrown roadside hedges and trees and more.

It’s not just highways issues that can be reported, the new system allows reports on fly-tippingweeds, litter and dog waste bins and graffiti.

The new FixMyStreet app can be downloaed onto both Android and IOS devices.

Reporting an emergency

If you need to report an emergency, such as a street light with wires exposed, please contact our 24 hour emergency team on 0300 300 8049.

General information

If you have a general service request, you can email:
[email protected].

Streetlights not working

If a streetlight is not working please check the column for its number.

Lamp columns are the property of Central Beds and faulty lamps should be reported by calling 0300 300 8049 or using the Central Bedfordshire Report It site.


If you believe the problem is an emergency, for example a very large and deep pothole, please call the Central Bedfordshire 24 hour Highways Helpdesk on 0300 300 8049.

Otherwise Report It

Other highways problems

If you believe the problem is an emergency please call the Central Bedfordshire 24 hour Highways Helpdesk on 0300 300 8049.

Otherwise Report It

Report an abandoned vehicle

Information on how to report an abandoned vehicle can be found here

Request a dropped kerb

Click here to contact Central Bedfordshire to request a dropped kerb.

Request an H-Bar

H’ bar markings can be useful where on-street parking causes regular and persistent obstruction to a properly constructed vehicular crossing.

Click here to contact Central Bedfordshire

Anti Social Behaviour

If you are experiencing any problems, please report these direct to the local police team on the police non-emergency number, 101.

For more information on how to report anti social behaviour please see Central Bedfordshire Council’s guidance here.

Dog Fouling / Barking/Control orders

It is an offence to allow a dog which you are responsible for to foul and not clear it up immediately when in a public place.

Central Beds. Council have Dog Control Orders designed to:

  • cut down dog fouling
  • restrict dogs from places such as children’s playgrounds
  • ensure that dogs are kept on leads in sensitive areas

For more information on how to report issues like barking dogs, stray dogs & dog fouling please click here.

Grass Cutting Issues

To report badly cut grass, damage to a road verge or loose grass cuttings click here

Problems with a bus stop or bus shelter

You can report a damaged bus stop or bus shelter online by clicking here

Other environmental issues

Central Bedforshire Council has lots of information about how you can report on a range of environmental issues.

Click here to report on any of the issues and services listed below:

  • Street cleansing, litter and road sweeping
  • Pest control
  • Fly tipping
  • Water quality
  • Commercial pollution complaints
  • Noise complaints
  • Light pollution
  • Bonfires and smoke
  • Odour complaints
  • Fly and insect nuisance
  • Rodent infestation

Waste and Recycling

Rights of Way