Caddington Parish Council

including Chaul End and Aley Green

Caddington Watch

Caddington Neighbourhood Watch is now part of the Caddington Watch Group.

Caddington Watch covers the running of Neighbourhood Watch, Street Watch and Speed Watch.

Neighbourhood Watch is a scheme supported by Bedfordshire Police asking members of the public to be the eyes and ears of the police and to call them should they see anything suspicious.

Also included with this is tips on safety and security.

Speed Watch
 is a scheme run by Bedfordshire Police which tackles speeding hot spots in Villages and Towns.

When a road is highlighted as having regular speeders the Speed Watch Team are dispatched.

The Police train up volunteers to man a speed gun to catch speeding vehicles.

The vehicles speed is shown on a large electronic sign so the driver is aware of their speed.

Details of speeding motorists will be handed to the Police.

The registered owner to the vehicle will then receive a letter from the Police pointing out their anti-social driving behaviour and requesting they slow down.

Street Watch
is a scheme run by Bedfordshire Police using volunteers from the community to patrol Caddington keeping an eye peeled for anything suspicious, and also as a visual deterrent should any would be burglars or criminals be passing looking for their next hit.

The Police train up the volunteers and issue them with HiViz bibs a notebook and a torch.

The only commitment is you have to do 2 hours of Street Watching per month.

Also Street Watchers have to patrol in pairs (minimum)

The member then can go online and using a Street Watch calendar can put down the day and time they will patrol.

Then when they return from their walk around the village you log back on to the web site and fill in a short report should you see anything or not.

The best way to describe this scheme is Neighbourhood Watch on foot.

If you would like to become involved in any of these schemes please email  Caddingtonnhw @