Caddington Parish Council

including Chaul End and Aley Green

Central Bedfordshire Council is launching a new coffee pod recycling scheme, in collaboration with Podback.

Now, you can effortlessly recycle your coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods as part of your regular kerbside recycling collection.

Get started here Recycling coffee pods | Central Bedfordshire Council

Getting started is simple:

What pods can be recycled?

Podback collection bags cater to plastic and aluminium pods for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and milk from participating Podback member brands. When signing up, specify your pod brand to receive the correct bag—white for aluminium pods and green for plastic pods.

Living in flats?

For those in flats with communal bin collections the Podback drop off service is available. Visit the Podback website for details.

What happens to the pods?

Specialist processing plants transform the plastic and aluminium into new items like cans and trays, while coffee grounds power renewable energy and enhance soil.